Elizabeth (Mary) Odell, daughter of John and Mary [Joanna] (Walker) Odell, born in Stratfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, about 1674; died in Windham, Windham, Connecticut, 1744. She married in Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, on 16 May 1694, Abel Bingham (Deacon) , son of Deacon Thomas and Mary (Mabel) (Rudd) Bingham, born in Norwich, New London, Connecticut, 25 June 1669; died in Windham, 5 March 1745

John Odell, son of William and Rebecca (Brown) Odell, born 1643, died in Stratfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, 1707. He married in Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, before 1665, Mary (Joanna) Walker, born in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, 1 November 1654; died about 1712, daughter of Robert Walker and Sarah (Leager) Walker.

John was made freeman by the General Assembly in 1664. In 1666, in behalf of his father William, he joined with Francis Hall in a deed of partition. In 1673 and 1682 he received grants of land from the town of Fairfield; in 1697, he was a member of the Church in Stratfield; in 1707 he made his will appointing wife Mary executrix.

Children of John ODELL and Mary (Joanna) WALKER:

John Odell , born in Fairfield; died 1 June 1743. Married Sarah Wheeler [Torrey; NEHGR 46:400].

Rebecca Odell, born in Fairfield, 1671; died 1741. Married Robert Turney and Luke Guire. See Families of Old Fairfield.

Joanna Odell, born in Fairfield, 1672.

Elizabeth (Mary) Odell married Deacon Abel Bingham.

Samuel Odell, born in Fairfield, 16 March 1677; died 1727 (NEHGR, 46:20). Received deed of land from his father in 1700; commissioned Ensign by the General Assembly in 1722 (NEHGR, 137:37).

Hannah Odell, born in Fairfield, 20 October 1679; died in Stratfield, 14 June 1756. Married (1) Nathaniel Seeley and (2) Robert Sterling.

Deborah Odell, born in Fairfield, 28 August 1682; died 23 May 1745. Married John Downs, May 1713.

Mary Odell, born in Fairfield, 1693; died 13 Aug 1771. Married (1) John Middlebrook (Addlebrook?) and (2) Nathaniel Porter.